Days Of Our Lives Soap She Knows Days Of Our Lives Soap She KnowsThen, get your free daily soap-opera fix for Days of Our Lives — and all of the other daytime dramas — delivered straight to your email inbox by signing up for Soaps. Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI (2) We have a feeling Salem’s going to be going through a glut of lawsuits in the coming months with the news that Days of Our Lives ‘ Jessica Serfaty is now on contract as Sloan!. She was beautifully, wonderfully, one of a kind. As Days of Our Lives Plunged Us Back In Time, It Pushed Us to a Future That Holds…. Thursday, May 25, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, Dimitri's eager to bond with his new uncle, Megan comes home, Marlena worries Brady's playing with fire, and Xander offers Chloe a job. Daytime viewers know Brandon Barash as Days of Our Lives ’ Stefan, as well as General Hospital ’s ex-Johnny. She doesn’t know it, of course, and neither does Eric. It can feel like you’re cleaning up one mess, only to turn around and see your little ones making another one in t. Three years later, the doctor was a casualty of a New Year’s Eve car crash brought about by Eric’s incredibly poor decision to drive drunk. Chad says, “Welcome home,” and they kiss. Thursday, July 20, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, Sloan takes a pregnancy test, EJ and Nicole disagree about the baby, Li storms out on Melinda, and Johnny has shocking news for Rafe. Chrishell Stause will be making her way back to Days of Our Lives this week once again. Signs don’t come a whole lot clearer than the dream E. He’s been sharing the inside scoop with daytime fans. The soap could stand to lay off a few classic tropes and send up a flare for missing characters. Cost of Living Blogs and Stories. At their apartment, draped only in a towel, Tripp overhears Wendy on the phone apparently accepting a dinner invitation. Paulina Makes a Shocking Confession After Lani Shoots TR Dead — Plus, Kate Calls Lucas With an Ultimatum. “But the Christmas special really was a different animal, and it. Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, June 21: In Monday’s Days recap, Xander suggests he and Nicole get the goods on Sami, Philip offers Chloe a job, and Jake worries EJ is after DiMera. Saturday, September 30th, 2023 · news · Days of Our Lives Preview: Three Men's Lives Are Turned Upside Down by Secrets Saturday, September 23rd, 2023 · news · Days of Our Lives. Kate wonders how she’ll do that. Tuesday, May 23, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, Gabi presents Li with divorce papers, Paulina rushes to Abe's side and Jada struggles to do what she has to. She looks over at Xander slumped over, tied to the chair next to her. “We did it! Truly a surprise birthday party for my dear sweet wife, Lisa!” he expressed then stated what “a perfect night” it was. Days of Our Lives’ Carson Boatman Introduces His Baby Girl’s Adorable ‘Big Brother’ at a Star-Studded Shower. Now, of course, both Bo and Hope are making their way back from Beyond Salem and onto Days of Our Lives, starting March 16, so it makes sense that, according to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, both Ben and Ciara will be returning for the big storyline itself! After all, Bo’s coming back after years of being dead. JoDevil is about to cause another relationship to crash and burn… even as Ben and Ciara are beginning to get suspicious. Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI (4), Peacock screenshot. Bo hesitates, which worries Megan until he says it’ll be too messy for the lab. Days of Our Lives spoilers for Friday, April 21: In today’s recap, Hope finds Bo, Stephanie finds Kayla, and Andrew finds the truth. We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead from Monday, May 24, to Friday, June 4. The writing was on the wall this past week as we watched her character Hope in scenes with Rafe (Galen Gering), suddenly getting cozy after Hope served Rafe with. It’s been a little under a month since Days of Our Lives ‘ Tamara Braun (Ava) shared that she lost her dear friend Lea. At the Pub, Rafe and Jada ask Sloan to come to the station for questioning about Paulina’s. Back on November 8, 1965, NBC had great expectations for Days of Our Lives when it premiered the new half-hour soap from the husband-and-wife team of Ted and Betty Corday. At home, Shawn brings Jan spinach and feta cheese, with a side of a healthy smoothie, but she wanted a greasy burger. And surely she’d have some wisdom to offer about Chloe, Gabi and love. After Making a Major Admission to Eric, Sloan Gets a DNA Sample For Nicole. Maggie asks if he’s ready for the board meeting. Vivian informs Gabi that now that she. After Charlie Urges Her to Embrace Her Dark Side, Ava Zeroes In on EJ’s Weakness. Next on Days of Our Lives: Rafe notices Nicole’s preoccupation, and Clyde, Nancy, Brady, and Chloe put their heads together. We have some great news to pass along to our Days of Our Lives fans — Day of Days will be back again for another virtual event. “Across the unfolding of time and space,” she said, they found one another anew. The latest issue of Soap Opera Digest is reporting that the actor, who created the role in 2017, has opted to leave and will last air in the coming week. Next on Days of Our Lives: Shawn and Lani happen upon a shocking scene. It is a time when families come together to show appreciation and gratitude for the invaluable role that mothers play in our lives. As listed in the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Nadia Bjorlin will be resurfacing in town on …. Stefan is far from the first soap character to be brought back from the dead. Since his black eye has healed, Alex returns to the office. But those expectations had to be lowered, quickly and a lot. Linsey Godfrey is exiting the NBC soap opera, she confirmed on Twitter on March 16. November sweeps are on the horizon, so the hit Peacock soap is setting the. Days of Our Lives Recap: When and How Will Abe Get His. By the time Days of Our Lives’ Allie told Will and Sonny that she’d like to join them in New Zealand, the writing had been on the wall for a little while just based on how fast she and Chanel had crumbled. The actress shared a fun transformation video on Instagram captioned, “From Camila to Gabi. Next on Days of Our Lives: Alex and Gwen toss back drinks, and Wendy is none too happy with Johnny. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of …. Roman comes to Kate’s room at Brady’s Pub room, with something that might make her feel better. His voice breaks as he tells her it wasn’t a dream. Apparently the actor had some sort of mishap last week, which landed him in the hospital with three broken ribs on Friday, January 6. Nonetheless, we must recognize the depth of these debat. Next, on Days of Our Lives: Jack encourages Chad, and Sarah pressures Xander. We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, October 17, to Friday, October 28. Days of Our Lives spoilers week of November 28:. Monday, August 22, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, Gwen and Leo give their version of events the night Abigail was killed, Kristen gets shut down by Chad, and after taunting Gabi, Rolf finds success in the lab. He relays Tripp should be there soon from the lab with news about the serum. com, we offer the latest information on Days of …. Apparently, Gwen really hasn’t learned much when it comes to honesty being the best …. Sadly, this was the case for Days of Our Lives alum Victor Webster (ex-Nicholas Alamain), who after less than two years of marriage, filed for divorce from his former Hallmark co-star and One Tree Hill alum Shantel VanSanten. Ahead of Peacock’s July 11 release of Days of Our Lives: Beyond Salem, Chapter 2, the soap offshoot has released a photo album’s worth of images from the limited series that includes everything from Steve and John embodying ZZ Top’s “Sharp-Dressed Man” to Ciara’s long-awaited reunion with mom Hope. Eric tenderly asks if she’s okay. The mother of my children,” he tells a cowering Kristen. Sadly, we don’t have a whole lot of hope that we’ll get the scene, even in. Wednesday, August 2, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, Paulina's actions send Abe away, guilt eats at Sloan, Tripp plans a romantic evening, and Wendy's warning sabotages Li and Melinda's date. But knowing how much water to drink a day, in general, is just the start. Tripp comes to the kitchen in his boxer briefs as Wendy makes coffee. Wednesday, October 26, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, Stephanie digs herself in deeper with Paulina, but finds a new ally, Wendy gets an earful from Johnny and Allie, and Leo's good news jeopardizes Chad's plans. Last week, the news that Victor’s plane had disappeared rocked his family. She’d landed her dream role back in 2021 and filmed an episode with Billy Flynn’s Chad and Marci Miller’s Abigail, only for her scenes to get cut. We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, February 21, to Friday, February 25. Watch Camila Banus undergo a breathtaking transformation that’ll have everyone ‘Gabi-ing’ — plus the actress reveals her favorite person to work with on the NBC soap. Days of Our Lives’ Billy Flynn Weighs In On Wild, Weird. The actress, a lead on the NBC series at the time, tied the knot with Tatum in 1997, and on March 29, she celebrated a milestone in the life of her better half. Tuesday, March 14, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, a reluctant Belle and Sloan make a good team, both Gwen and Leo are surprised by what they find, and EJ and Stefan prepare to face off. Days Soapbox: The genuine drama in the aftermath of Eli’s shooting shined a spotlight on the stories that really need wrapping up. Get Exclusive News & Updates! Days of Our Lives (DOOL) spoilers for Monday, October 2, 2023, reveal Gwen deciding she is not going to put up …. Next on Days of Our Lives: Enter, Harris Michaels, and Marlena tries desperately to reach John! Days of Our Lives now exclusively airs on Peacock. When he finds out what she’s been hiding from him, the child she’s trying to hide from him, that darkness in him could very well come rushing to the fore again. However, the actor also became a husband to his new bride Isabella Devoto in December 2022 and is a father to his adorable daughter Harper, who he …. Follow Chloe’s timeline from Ghoul Girl to Kristen’s nemesis in our photo gallery of her life. Many soap opera stars paid tribute to the life of the iconic actress, and Days of Our Lives ’ Mary Beth Evans. At the Kiriakis mansion, a shirtless Alex …. Days of Our Lives Recap: Jada Changes Her Mind About. Harris takes the kind of risk which could cost him everything — including both Hope and his life! Meanwhile, Megan puts the screws to Rolf (and not in the fun way), Stefan is played by two master manipulators, and fan faves Ben and. She says she had a bad dream that she lost the baby. Days of Our Lives Teases a Christmas Comeback for Not One But Two Faves. Meanwhile, Marlena’s situation takes a dire turn, Stephanie turns to Chad for comfort, and a former couple. Chloe’s Had Enough of Brady’s Behavior While Jake Proves He’s Learned a Thing or Two Being a DiMera. Tuesday, February 28, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, Brady doubles down on the deprogramming, Rafe finds Stefan, Li surprises Gabi and Wendy, and Eric leaves Nicole in tears. But something tells us ripping up the custody agreement won’t make things better…. com">Kristian Alfonso Quits Days of Our Lives. Deidre Hall, it seems, felt much the same, as she looked back on Sorkin’s time on Days of Our Lives and the unique friendship between Marlena and Calliope. Here are 18 frugal living tips plus how to keep up the momentum when things get tough. Days of Our Lives viewers have heard a lot about Ray ever since Paulina first came to town last year. Friday, September 30, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, Rex arrives to save his mother, Rolf confides in Kristen, Stephanie rushes to Kayla's side, Brady forgets an important date, and Stefan plays the long game. Friday, September 1, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, Brady gets a surprising visitor, Marlena and Kayla help a man with amnesia, Paulina fears her marriage is truly over, and Shawn's ready to come …. Once Eric was gone, Sloan asked Xander what made him …. Tuesday, March 28, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, EJ and Nicole put their plan in action, Li learns of a betrayal, Talia and Chanel share their truths, and Rafe and Jada have questions for Sloan. Friday, January 20, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, John and Marlena reminisce before she dies in his arms, Chanel and Johnny share a charged moment, Stefan learns the truth after Kristen threatens EJ, and Chloe gets a clear sign. Elsewhere, Megan makes herself at home, Nicole prepares to have a paternity test, Anna tells a fib, and Gabi hopes that her dream of marrying Stefan is finally about to come true!. Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 13 – 24. The worst of the worst tend to crop up in the Days of Our Lives family, dreaming up schemes of power, wealth and world domination. Marlena assures her she was sick but now she’s healed. Outside Brady’s Pub, Leo runs into Chloe and Brady. Judi Evans (Bonnie), Lucas Adams (ex-Tripp) and Rena Sofer — Quinn to Godfrey’s Caroline during her stint on The. Kevin Gardner will appear as Pastor Brown on Days of our. More: Exclusive: Life after the devil is looking grand! “Just woke to the most wonderful news,” he shared on his Monday, May 9, Instagram story. Days of Our Lives Twist: Is Justin Secretly Victor’s Son?. Justin Shares Concerning News as the Family Gathers to Welcome Victor Home. On March 21, 1994, the landscape of Days of Our Lives was forever changed by the passing of Macdonald Carey, the one and only Dr. Days of Our Lives is a soap that’s always focused on “multi-generational families” and telling topical, social stories —with a few resurrections, brainwashings and the occasional serial killer thrown in. Thursday, August 9, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, Stephanie furiously confronts Chad, John tries to change a desperate Brady's mind, and Jada doesn't hold back about her new boss, Shawn. Wednesday, April 5, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, Nicole and EJ eavesdrop, Stefan and Gabi rendezvous, Melinda puts on a performance, Tripp makes a confession, and Talia plays matchmaker. Justin has to break the news to Xander that he and Sarah are still married. The rest of Days of Our Lives in 2020 welcomed back the Last Blast Crew and the returned-from-the-dead Ava Vitali. t his first, or last, run-in with Nicole, who was the first person he met once in Salem. Check out the photo gallery below of soaps’ all-time greatest doctors. Follow these guidelines to learn how to watch NBC’s D. As promised in their first video, Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Julie) returned for part two of their nostalgia-fueled chat focusing on the latter’s time on Days of Our Lives. They conclude Eli is the only one who knows what happened. Next on Days of Our Lives: Rex could be the key to saving lives, and Brady finds Chloe with Stefan. They do, after all, live in Salem, and Chad’s the illegitimate son of the late, great supervillain Stefano DiMera. Days of Our Lives Recap: Will Stefan Remember His Love For. Who is leaving Days of Our Lives in 2023? All comings and. com">Days of Our Lives: Did Theresa Change Angelica. We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, October 2, to Friday, October. Saturday, October 14th, 2023 Read · days news · Days of Our Lives' Eric Martsolf Shares a Poignant Tribute: 'We Make Plans and God Laughs Hysterically' Saturday, October 14th, 2023 · days. Now that he’s a CEO, he can’t keep using paper plates. From baby tragedy to kidnapping and a series of mental health crises, they just can’t catch a break. We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, September 26, to Friday, October 7. On the 40th Anniversary of Her Days of Our Lives Debut, Relive Kristian Alfonso’s Adventures as Hope Brady. Get ready to mark a very special milestone in the life of both Marlena Evans and her portrayer, Deidre Hall. Plus, Allie and Alex are caught in a compromising position, the tables are turned on Xander, Chad. A lot of the good that came about in him came from his belief that Sarah belonged up on a pedestal as a shining. Justin and Bonnie just learned about Xander’s dirty deeds with Ava, Brady’s got his hands full with Kristen, Alex is focused on Stephanie — and keeping Chad away from her — and Sonny’s marriage to Will seems about ready to crumble apart. Nicole is carrying Eric’s baby on Days of Our Lives. As Days of Our Lives Builds Towards a Romantic General Hospital Reunion, Steve Burton Gets Real About the Show’s Frustrating ‘Problem’. Ben and Ciara have been touched by how active a role Marlena has taken in their pregnancy. Xander points out that his daughter has been horrible to Chloe. As one of the longest-running scripted television programs in the world, it has aired nearly every weekday since its debut on November 8, 1965, and has. Days of Our Lives’ Mary Beth Evans’ Tribute. More: Peter Reckell opens up about missing John Aniston Jen Lilley is returning …. Soap Opera Digest has learned that NBC’s yearly festivities will stream on Friday, November 19, and will continue to celebrate the show’s 56th anniversary, which officially kicks off on Monday, November 8. By Amber SinclairOctober 17, 2023 Born Days of our Lives Bad: Why The Gwen Rizczech Character Never Worked Emily O'Brien was set up to fail as Gwen on DAYS. Over the years on Days of Our Lives, Lauren Koslow’s Kate has seen her share of heartbreak, loss and. So I guess there was a good chance Sarah was poisoned by some rare, exotic toxin. Days of Our Lives Spoilers November 28 – December 9. Wednesday, June 15, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, Word spreads about Abigail, guilt consumes Lucas, Ava confronts Gwen, and Gabi makes a vow to Chad. Meanwhile, Belle and EJ get closer, Jan has news for Shawn, and Marlena tries helping Eric sort through his feelings for Nicole. When Kristen’s back is up against the wall, she breaks out every dirty trick in the book while trying to get outta town. · news · Days of Our Lives’ Lucas Adams Sends a Swoon-Worthy Message to His Bride On a Very Special Day: ‘I Cannot Put Into Words How Excited I Am’ 5 hours ago. Friday, October 28, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, EJ receives a dire warning, Ava sees dead people, Alex plays dirty, and Stephanie gets fired. With supply and demand forces and production costs on the rise, the prices of every day items are constantly increasing. Days of Our Lives’ Tamara Braun Shares Sad News About a. Since leaving full-time, Rex has been back to help clear Sarah’s name, save Kate, Marlena and Kayla with an orchid cure and even just. Rolf and Gwen Are Among Those. Victor doesn’t care about Gwen or Bonnie, just his nephews. Days of Our Lives’ Mary Beth Evans Pays Tribute to Her Late Castmate: ‘My Favorite Times With Her Were…. Lani gets the news she’s been waiting for, Chanel finds out there’s more to Johnny’s recent behavior than she ever could have suspected, Paulina gets closer to the one man she should be running from, and the race is on to find Ciara. Maggie and Victor were never legally married. Wearing robes in the morning, Allie and Chanel sit in awkward silence over cereal. Days of Our Lives’ Linsey Godfrey Pays a Spirited 70th Birthday Tribute to the ‘Lifetime Babe’ That Is Her Mom: ‘I Love the [Bleep] Out of You’. Oh, what a tangled web we weave. Oh, and there’s a good chance, she would have had a go at demonic possession for good measure. A few familiar faces return to kick off 2022 surrounded by loved ones, while Paulina hopes she can make a few inroads with Lani. Days of Our Lives Recap: Lucas Punches EJ, and Chanel. Leo gleefully looks through photos of the memorable night they had and then leaves when Sonny stirs. There’s only one thing she can do. Xander jolts up panting in bed from a dream about Sarah coming back to him. At the Horton House, Stephanie apologizes to Chad for hiring him …. Good, because it sounds as if two fan favorites might well be back on the canvas soon. AllieDevil returns to the ritual in the pentagram until Ben and Ciara race up. They look forward to ruling together soon. It didn’t hurt that the devil was mostly MIA. Stephanie thinks they should take it. “I haven’t been asked — [Arianna] hasn’t been resurrected,” she said. Monday, May 10, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, Lani panics, Kayla gets her job back, Roman worries about Sami and Lucas, and EJ extends an olive branch. In today’s Days of Our Lives recap, as she mourns Victor, Maggie reflects on her life over the years, and Xander learns Sarah's pregnant. Days of Our Live Preview: Justin Breaks the News of Victor’s …. Days of Our Lives Spoilers February 21 – March 4. Days of Our Lives officially made the big switch at the end of last week and now, Emily O’Brien has finally spoken out about the big, bizarre change up. Worse, once Victor’s gone, he’s going to leave behind a massive power vacuum. “Let’s drink to Eric and Nicole never getting together again! And if they do, let’s drink until we forget it. Days of Our Lives Recap: Paulina Encourages Nicole to Fight. Alex Stakes His Claim After Finding Stephanie and Chad Having ‘Family Time’ — and Xander Is Confronted With a Punch to the Gut. Relive 30 of daytime’s most epic love stories in the photo gallery below. Chanel has been in love with both Johnny and his sister Allie, and things are about to get a lot more complicated this week. Next on Days of Our Lives: Chanel meets a potential new hire, and Li derails Stefan and Gabi’s moment. Soap Opera Comings & Goings. In January, Christopher shared a photo on Instagram and teased, “New look in studio. Days of Our Lives Spoilers March 21 – April 1. “Susan” instructs her to sign a release paper which advances her to the next level of heaven. Days of Our Lives Recap: Gwen Knows About Leo and Dimitri. Money becomes less valuable as you buy less items for a higher price. “I had no idea if I was really in labor,” the veteran of Days of Our Lives (as Theresa) and General Hospital (as Maxie) tells People. Week of September 25, 2023 DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Shawn Is Forced Into a New Position at the Salem P. A post shared by Days of our Lives (@nbcdays) As we stated, on September 12, Days of Our Lives began airing exclusively on Peacock. Credit: Howard Wise/JPI (3), Jill Johnson/JPI, NBC/Courtesy of the Everett Collection. In 1982, the actress’ career was going strong. Days of Our Lives’ Stephen Nichols: A Tribute on. Where Is Days of Our Lives’ Kristen DiMera? Will She Take. She wonders what’s in it for her. A handbag is one thing that should never be missed in one's closet. We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, January 23, to Friday, February 3. Johnny’s Movie Producer Hits Salem to Demand His Film — and Run Into His Ex, Paulina. In her hospital room, Marlena hangs up with Sami as John walks in. Thursday, November 10, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, Ava makes her ransom demand, EJ viciously retaliates, Nicole and Eric fess up to what everyone's known all along, and Bonnie gets a shock in the garden shed. com">Days of Our Lives Spoilers August 28 – September 8. Days of Our Lives Spoilers, News and Recaps – SoapHub. Emily O'Brien? DAYS SPOILERS: What happens on DAYS the week of October 16, 2023 WHAT YOU MISSED LAST WEEK: Tate was smitten with Holly. Rafe Rethinks His Marriage After Finding Nicole With Eric — Again — and Rex Injects Marlena With the Serum. Days of our Lives Spoilers Highlights Gwen Rizcech (Emily O'Brien) proved she is no dummy when Kristen DiMera (Stacy Haiduk) told her that Dimitri von Leuchner (Peter Porte) and Leo Stark (Greg Rikaart) were sleeping together and Gwen proudly said. Wednesday, November 23, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, Thanksgiving brings Rafe and Nicole together to discuss divorce, Jada to announce her decision to Eric, and Abe to pull some strings. Yes, all of those words belong together. As he lays out on his new podcast, Conspiracies Inc. The latest Days of our Lives news, spoilers, updates, daily recaps, interviews, actor and character profiles, and more. Though still featured, Days of Our Lives took a small step back from the JoDevil storyline this week to go full force on Sarah’s kidnapping. Anna Grows Suspicious of Kristen, Who Gets a Surprise In Rolf’s Lab — and Li Makes an Emotional Request of Gabi. Credit: Toby Canham/Getty Images. Next on Days of Our Lives: the final battle against the devil rage, and Shawn and Belle are drawn closer. Incidentally, Sal Stowers has also decided to leave soap as Lani. After Confiding in Kate, Jada Makes a Decision About the Baby — While Nicole and Rafe Say an Emotional Goodbye. In this case, we’ll happily stick to reality — and we’re sure Lowder and. If you’re wondering if the producers at Days of Our Lives have approached her about rising her character from the dead, the answer is currently no. She hasn’t been revived yet, but we are going to hold out hope for Arianna’s ultimate. 08/11/2023 01:02 pm We're not going to lie: The next two weeks will be incredibly emotional for Days of Our Lives fans. Eric brings breakfast from the Pub to. Please note that if you purchase something by clicking on a link within this story, we may receive a small commission of the sale. Days of Our Lives vet Bryan Dattilo (Lucas) gave fans quite the treat over the weekend when he posted an adorable photo update of his grandson, Alexander Gabriel Dattilo. Days of our Lives Days Spoilers. After sex, Sloan’s alarm goes off, altering her to take her birth control. Her mouth drops as she closes the door. Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI (2) Love was in the air in Salem, but not all was what it seemed on Days of Our Lives. Days of Our Lives Spoilers June 6 – 17. On April 14, 1983, a green newcomer made her daytime debut — and went on to take the genre by storm. com that even we couldn’t believe. So we’re pretty sure that Bradford Tatum looks back fondly at the 1994 episode of SeaQuest DSV that brought him into the orbit of Days of Our Lives ’ future Kristen/Susan, Stacy Haiduk. Credit: Jill Johnson/JPI, Peacock screenshot (3) As the next stage of Victor’s death begins, the show’s slowly shifting back to life in Salem. Days of Our Lives: Will Martha Madison’s Belle Marry Sami. The men did (rightly) speculate that Gwen could have even worn the Sarah mask herself when Xander saw her at Maggie’s. Ahead of Days of Our Lives ’ move from NBC to Peacock, check out the below photo. Since Alfonso has said she doesn’t want to return to the NBC soap opera, Hope would have to be recast. On June 21, 1976, a new character knocked on the hearts of the NBC soap’s viewers. Monday, October 17, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, Rafe's had enough, Marlena volunteers to be a guinea pig, and Kristen taunts both Brady and Chloe. “My wife, Carmen Cusack, was just nominated for her second Tony!”. 99 per month, will have access to the daily episodes. A shocking murder rocks Salem, and while the teasers don’t come right out and say who bites the dust, we’re pretty sure you’ll be able to figure it out! Elsewhere, it sounds as if at least one local couple is going to make the leap. Days of Our Lives viewers have been taken for a bumpy ride when it comes to watching Kate, Marlena and Kayla navigate their new normal. Days of Our Lives’ Nancy returned to Salem this week, worried her husband Craig was cheating on her. Days of Our Lives’ Linsey Godfrey Has Officially Exited. Ciara gets dressed to go with Ben. Wednesday, August 31, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, EJ's thrown a curveball, Rachel lashes out, Rolf reprograms Stefan, and Shawn makes a decision about his marriage. Once she did, everyone yelled out, “Surprise!” and Lisa immediately put a hand to her mouth in shock. Though the couple first met way back in 2014, they’ve never had an easy time of it. Friday, December 2, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, Kristen manipulates Brady, EJ invites Nicole to the mansion, Eric gives in to temptation, and Alex walks in on an unexpected scene. Days of Our Lives Spoilers May 15 – 26. Friday, May 26, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, Nicole accepts Sloan's mutually beneficial help, the baby secret spreads to another Salemite, and EJ hosts an agenda-driven family dinner. We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, January 17, to Friday, January 28. Heck, it wouldn’t even have been on our radar for 2024 or 2025 either!. A Days of Our Lives Callback to the Past Has Us Fearing for Xander’s Future — Plus, Wigs In Heaven and Other Oddities. Xander is sure Brady understands, but Brady tells him to stay out of it. Next on Days of Our Lives, a gun is fired, and Chanel is conflicted. According to the latest issue of Soap Opera Digest, Abigail will be home once more for Christmas — in a way. Days of Our Lives is a popular daytime drama which has been on TV for 55 years. Actually, it may be more accurate to compare the move to an actor who leaves one role and moves over to …. Days of Our Lives Recap: Leo Warns Gwen Xander/Chloe Are. Rafe comes to Paulina’s place, looking to take. We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, February 13, to Friday, February 24. In the DiMera boardroom, EJ moves to disqualify Ava as a shareholder. And it appears that Gabi and Stefan will have their work cut out for them as they attempt to …. Nicole asks to go somewhere private, but Kayla is too busy dealing with Abe’s disappearance. or last, run-in with Nicole, who was. Tripp Has No Choice But to Give Up Ava’s Location While EJ Takes Action Against Wendy. Days of Our Lives spoilers week of August 7: Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, August 7: In today’s recap, Sloan and Nicole say yes to Eric and EJ, but Chloe needs more time on Xander’s proposal. She’s had a bit much to drink and shows off her ring, telling Johnny about her engagement. This was also true of the second chapter of the Days spinoff Beyond Salem, a move which angered …. DOOL has been a fan favorite thanks to its emphasis on romance, adventure, and family. Days of Our Lives spoilers for Monday, November 7:. Elsewhere, things get complicated for Whitley, Talia faces the music, Chad gets a job offer, and Julie is thrilled when grandson Eli returns. Days of Our Lives Recap: Will Nicole Have a Successful. At home, Marlena soaks in her bubble bath. Days of Our Lives May Preview: Nicole’s Baby, Sarah. Sonny stuck around Salem when Will returned to Arizona. At the Horton House, Jennifer refuses to give Xander and Gwen the paper. When Linsey Godfrey turned 34 on July 25, the well wishes came fast and festively furious from co-stars past and present. It seems that Days of our Lives Beyond Salem and the Christmas movie are now gone. As lifelong soap fans, we were shook to our cores upon learning that Days of Our Lives was moving from NBC to the network’s streaming service, Peacock. Harry, almost immediately took to Twitter upon hearing the news, sharing a clip of his 2018-2019 comedy, The Cool Kids, on which she appeared as a guest star. In a Days of Our Lives preview for the week of March 13 – 17, Bo and Hope are finally back. Wednesday, March 8, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, Nicole proves she hasn't lost a step, Paulina faces financial trouble, EJ and Stefan toy with each other, and Gabi considers Li's offer. DAYS Spoilers: Gabi And Stefan Plot Their Next Big Move. Relive Abigail’s harrowing Days of Our Lives journey in our photo gallery below. Brady, after all, may say he wants nothing to do with Theresa, but that doesn’t mean he’ll love Alex. After Kayla and Kate find Marlena. Thanks to Twitter and meme culture at large, we’ve all grown accustomed to recognizing a few somewhat-silly pop culture-related days. Alone at home, Marlena tells John she wishes she had more time with Eric and Belle after being away so long. However, the bigger stories this week centered on Lucas and Philip, which seriously calls into question Kate’s parenting style. All those years ago, Deidre Hall would’ve been the last person on earth to think that she was the right person to play Days of Our Lives ’ Marlena Evans, much less that she’d. Days of Our Lives’ Jessica Serfaty (Sloan) Is Staying. That would put her exit closer to Halloween. One Life to Live, General Hospital's Kristen Alderson is pregnant. Tuesday, June 7, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, EJ and Lucas come to blows, Chanel puts herself first, Sarah learns all about Xander's year without her, and Belle's reached her limit. The Salem Inn pales in comparison to the five-star Borgo Santandrea Hotel …. We know that it wasn’t just sex, but that’s how Sloan’s able to view it — while making her realize she wants more with Eric. We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, October 23, to Friday, October 27. Exclusive: Jen Lilley’s Return to Days of Our Lives as Theresa Takes a Jaw-Dropping Twist. They’d seemed so strong after Chanel faced down Sloan with Paulina, only for everything to fall apart as Salem was hit by a slew of family …. Allie shares a happy reunion with. Days of Our Lives Spoilers October 10 – 21. We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, December 20, to Friday, December 31. He thanks her for being there with him today, even if she was checking. Tuesday, October 18, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, the women experience varying reactions to the serum, and Kristen gloats when Brady is forced to break Chloe's heart. There’s no information as to just what he’ll be doing, but it does make sense seeing as how he was a first-hand witness to Dimitri’s villainy the first time around, and. It’s not too different from Days of Our Lives today. Belle refuses and yells for the guard to release Brady for his arraignment. Stephanie is shocked by a surprise visitor. She can be the Maggie to Alex’s Victor. Water makes up about 50% to 70% of your body weight. Kate tries to appeal to Bo once Megan’s gone, but he just shoves her to move. It’s almost impossible to believe that already, we. Craig and Nancy wake up in each other’s arms in bed. As radiantly as she smiled, they couldn’t help but respond, “Come on in. Nicole just knows there’s a cure around the corner. Days of Our Lives’ Billy Flynn Wants Fans to Watch the Soap on …. Thursday, February 3, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, Lani meets her biological father, JoDevil plays Gabi, and Allie offers to snoop around. ' a healthier relationship than trying to make it work with a woman who’s suffered worsening brain damage and thinks she’s a child. The couple were well on their way to parenthood, with the baby expected just. In the wee hours of May 12, Jen Lilley ushered into the world her and husband Jason Wayne’s fourth child, daughter Jacqueline “Jackie” Grace. In the Square, Johnny tells Wendy she can stay with his sister and her girlfriend until she finds a place. Back in Salem, meanwhile, we’ve got good old-fashioned sibling rivalry, romantic feuds and broken hearts. Marlena finds Nancy crying outside after Abigail’s service. Credit: NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images. General inflation is affected by the economy whic. They giggle over EJ taking anger management and sensitivity training classes. Friday, February 10, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, Xander has a change of heart after a run-in with Sarah and Rex, Alex talks Allie out of confessing to Chanel, who comes home to fix their relationship, and Jennifer returns to distressing news. Days of Our Lives Recap: Paulina Confesses, Arrested For TR. Rafe swings by to see Nicole who immediately pulls him into a hug. Theresa, as folks who’ve watched today’s episode know, followed Brady and Alex to Greece, only to hang back in their hotel room while the boys went out searching for Victor answers. Monday, August 29, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, John and Steve search for their wives, Marlena and Kayla get company in captivity, and Alex still won't take no for an answer. Here’s hoping that Alex and Brady’s fact-finding mission isn’t completely derailed by Theresa’s involvement! Meanwhile, EJ catches a spy, Vivian cooks up a plot, and things seem to be looking up for Gabi and Stefan!. Next on Days of Our Lives: Joey and Tripp vie for Wendy’s affections. Stacie Greenwell will play Immigration Agent Laverne Smith beginning the week of April 8 on Days of our Lives. ” With its captivating storylines, talented cast, and unforgettable characters, it has become a staple in daytime televi. Friday, April 29, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, EJ's skeptical of Susan's claims, Johnny tries to save Ben from Andre, Chanel and Tripp bond, and AllieDevil gets Ciara all alone. Days of Our Lives Peacock Recap: Stefan Brings Divorce. shot Clyde when Clyde attempted to choke Chad. In London, Harris grabs pillows from the bed to sleep on the chair. There was also a polarizing story of Allie accusing Tripp of rape, a lot of heartbreak surrounding baby Mickey/Rachel, several weddings, tons of brainwashing, and much more. Tuesday, November 8, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, Julie flashes back 57 years, Paulina is elected governor, Chanel is arrested, and Chad gets honest with Stephanie. Wednesday, April 6, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, Belle accuses Shawn of lying to her, Jake stands his ground, Kate demands Roman fire Clyde, and Ciara enjoys what she walks in on. Yes, there's the usual plot twists and shenanigans, with Sarah's secret. Paulina suggests they go to her place, so they head out. Thursday, April 6, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, EJ finds Gabi and Stefan's not-so-secret meeting spot, Wendy receives offers from two suitors, Abe lashes out at Eric, and Paulina has another attack. Gabi still may die, but it seems insane to imagine Megan. “Happy 1 year with Peacock to us,” Nichols wrote. In a TikTok video, the former daytime star was asked if his time on the soap paid enough for him not …. Kevin Gardner will appear as Pastor Brown on Days of …. Usually, announcing a soap star’s return to a show on which they’ve previously appeared is a pretty simple matter. Vivian orders them to pack their belongings and to get the hell out of her house. But things become a tad more complicated when the actress in question is Eileen Davidson. · days spoilers · Days of Our Lives Spoilers October 9 – 20 Friday, October 13th, 2023. Days Spoilers Oct 9 – 13: Theresa and Brady Return with Tate, Susan Won’t Press Charges Against Ava, Chloe and Philip Say Goodbye. "Days of Our Lives" viewers know actor Joseph Mascolo as one of the most evil and beloved soap opera villains of all time — Stefano DiMera. A beautiful love story tribute to the Daytime Emmy Award-winning actor’s parents. Three quarters of the way through 2023, we’re looking anew at the best and worst of the year … so far. Explore the cost of living expenses by city and lifestyle — plus how to save on everyday pur. Knowing how much water to drink daily can help your body function like the well-lubricated engine it is. And I’m hoping that after the initial hurt, he’ll take the lessons he’s been learning with Chloe and forgive her. Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, October 13: In today’s recap, Chloe suggests she and Brady break up, Kristen hints to Brady she can save Marlena, and …. She also knows his ability to comfort people and provide strength is a huge help to his family. Lavoisier is staying, as he told Digest, for 13 episodes and in Days of Our Lives time, that’s an eternity that could translate into weeks of buildup. Nichols shared a video of him walking out onto a patio as guests waited poolside for Lisa to appear. Days of Our Lives Recap: Did Whitley Kill Lani?. As we get into the Secret DiMera Lab: …. He declares the love they share started with a lie. And once two characters start bonding, it’s almost always a straight line to romance! This is something that’s crossed Paul Telfer’s mind a time. As observers, we’ve felt blessed that Harper’s parents — Barash and former wife/co-star Kirsten Storms (Maxie, General Hospital) — have allowed us to share in the happiness that radiates from their beautiful daughter. Next on Days of Our Lives: Gabi’s unhappy with Jake’s plan and Lucas lies to Chloe. Days of Our Lives: Is Sarah Leaving Town With Rex? Linsey ">Days of Our Lives: Is Sarah Leaving Town With Rex? Linsey. “Losing this amazing artist is a heartbreak. THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL UPDATES: THE LAST 5 B&B RECAPS. Monday, August 15, 2022: Today on Days of Our Lives, Anna expresses her doubts to Tony, Gabi considers the future, EJ hosts an awkward family dinner, and someone catches Alex's eye. We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, …. Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, June 1: In today’s recap, after running into Eric, Nicole asks Rafe to fast-track the wedding, Eric updates his family, and EJ extends an invitation to Belle. ) People don’t love these movies because they expect to be surprised by the ending. Thursday, September 28th, 2023. Gwen urges Leo to tell her what’s wrong as Dimitri glares. Again, like Sarah knows, sex very often leads to pregnancy. Days of Our Lives Spoilers, News and Recaps. Jada and Rafe Figure Out Who Colin Is Just as He Attacks Abe and Paulina. Sonny’s blackmailing ex just keeps popping up in their lives. Brady enters as they celebrate Chloe’s bullseye. Heck, that would probably even upset Maggie, but it would suddenly tip the Kiriakis scales to Xander rather than Justin and his family. Miss today’s episode? Catch up via Peacock. They eventually break the tension to fight about Johnny. com">Days of Our Lives Spoilers December 20 – 31. It sounds as if things are about to take an unexpected turn for Paulina and Abe, while Marlena winds up sharing news that isn’t hers to share. Days of Our Lives: With Kayla and Kate both dying, is. He vows to get to the bottom of what happened because he thinks there’s more to the story. Friday, August 11, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, Victor's goodbye begins, there's another proposal, and Chad explains himself to Stephanie. When Brady meets Belle in the Square, she tells him how drunk Shawn got the night before. On Days of Our Lives, Sonny has always been the guy next door — charming, responsible, and loving. DAYS is one of four remaining soap operas currently …. Patrick’s Day celebrates a missionary named — you guessed it — Patrick. With Tripp at his apartment, Stephanie gets a distressing call. Days of Our Lives Recap: Will Sarah Tell Xander She Is. Belle tells him Brady’s on his way to an AA meeting, …. Days of Our Lives spoilers week of November 7:. The couples the show has been setting up. And, as much as I don’t believe she’d be conned so easily, no matter how desperate she is, it’s clear Days of Our Lives is maneuvering her to utter devastation when this comes out. Johnny asks Chanel what they are going to do about the …. In today’s recap, a gun goes off between a drunk EJ …. In the waiting room, TR asks Paulina if they can go someplace more private, like his room. In the early 2010s, major networks did a slow purge of their daytime soaps. As proof, he points to finding out about Victor from Belle’s father instead of a family member. And even the “good” ones who aren’t trying to brainwash the law-abiding citizens of Salem into being mindless assassins can be manipulative, vindictive and just plain petty. We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, January 10, to Friday, January 21. Tripp is ready to pop the question, but he might have competition. Li Bursts Into Stefan’s Hotel Room and Finds Him in Bed With [Spoiler] Wednesday, March 29, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, Stefan calls in a favor, Li gets an unexpected surprise, Sloan's brought in for questioning, and Paulina has a panic attack. Plus, Stefan invites Gabi to a romantic dinner, and as Lucas creates suspicion, John and Steve make their move!. Follow the intertwined lives, love stories and suspenseful adventures of the town's residents, including characters from the Horton, Brady, Kiriakis, Hernandez, and DiMera families. Bonnie’s surprised upon paying a visit Sarah and the always shirtless Rex, and she discovers that Sarah is very, very, VERY pregnant! Using the tried and true TV tactic to hide an actress. Johnny strolls by the bakery as Chanel puts up a Help …. He accuses “Lady Gwenivere of Rizczechia” of having …. DAYS is constantly changing so we have you covered! Days of our Lives made its debut on November 8, 1965. Now, the threesome between Allie, Chanel and Alex is not on the level of pushing back against racism, but it was a daytime first and it certainly got people. Ultimately, this week had me thinking about Hallmark and superhero films. I compared seltzer, vinegar, and dish soap. Handb A handbag is one thing that should never be missed in one's closet. Days of Our Lives: Is Chloe Leaving with Philip? Nadia. Meanwhile, young love may be blooming, Rafe is there to provide comfort, Belle issues a warning, and Xander has second thoughts. Doug Davidson details harrowing …. The truth about Victor’s will and his heir is out there, but it’s suddenly seeming a whole lot more dangerous than we thought before. Though in the first episode, incorrigible teenager Julie Olson (originally Charla Doherty) attempted …. Wow, so we got that all wrong! There’s no one quite like a DiMera — at least when it comes to villainy. Next on Days of Our Lives: Tripp confronts Chanel, and Abe grows concerned over Paulina and TR. Days of Our Lives: Paul Telfer Explains Why He Changed. Marlena, Kate, and Kayla are stunned to learn that things are not what they seem, as Gabi works to free Rolf from the authorities. Days of Our Lives spoilers and updates tease an impatient Paulina Price (Jackée Harry) wants her whole Abe Carver (James Reynolds) …. Thursday, March 2, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, Sarah throws up after yelling at Xander, who gets surprising news from Justin, Sonny says goodbye, and Maggie shocks Alex. Sarah finds Eric on his phone paging through the shots from the photo shoot. Days of Our Lives Recap: Megan Abducts Kristen. Here’s your holiday gift guide for the soap fan in your life — and we’ve included some great Yellowstone, Heartstopper, Grey’s, Chicago Fire and Blue Bloods products too!. Fans have fallen in love with the Horton, Brady, Kiriakis and DiMera families. John and Marlena Find Kristen in Brady’s Arms — and Eric Walks in On Nicole and EJ Drowning Their Sorrows Together. Days of Our Lives’ Sal Stowers Says She’s Her Own. In the post itself, Braun encouraged suicidal folks to call or text 988 for help, writing. He assures her Nicole can’t get pregnant because she’s in early menopause. In the Square, Gabi rattles on about their wedding, but Stefan can’t stop thinking about EJ’s disappearance. Outside the Pub, Eric runs into Nicole, who is on her way to see Abe. Proof their bond extends beyond her relationship with his father, this was during a period when John and Marlena were separated and John was with Kristen. Days of Our Lives Spoilers April 19, 2021. If they really wanted to tick everyone off, Victor could leave everything to Maggie and make the family dependent on her. At Basic Black, Brady gets word from Steve about going …. Because you know what they say: “Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead. While action and adventure was popping off on the limited series, the mother ship …. A Busted Xander Has No Choice But to Confess All to Sarah — and Will Walks Out on Sonny. Days of Our Lives spoilers for Thursday, June 16: The soap will be pre-empted today. We can tell you what it is, though. It’s rare in the soap world, let alone on Days of Our Lives, when someone gets everything they’ve ever wanted. We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead from Monday, April 19, to Friday, April 30. Beginning September 12, Days of Our Lives will be airing exclusively on Peacock. “This is old-school Days of Our Lives,” Carlivati promised, “and it’s something that the audience has waited a very, very long time to see. We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, August 8, to Friday, August 19. Despite the modern-day discussion of sustainability, initiatives are still in their infancy. We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers from Monday, January 24, to Friday, February 4. Wendy offers that it could just be because. Chad sees a vision of her before the Horton Christmas tree, just as he’s worrying about how he’ll be able to give his children a special holiday. She turned down the job as Marlena Evans — and it’s shocking to think that the iconic role could have gone to …. As Xander Sends Talia to Colin’s Door, Paulina Gets a Threatening Message. Well it is, headwriter Ron Carlivati told Soap Opera Digest in their most recent issue, but only on the surface. In fact, she's about to face some pretty tough criticism! Soap alumni lather up for the. It’s a nice break from even the most peripheral of storylines connected to the devil, as there’s no connection there at all. Bo and Hope brought Dove into the Days of Our Lives fold. Well ladies, another soap actor is officially off the market. Elsewhere, Alex’s rough week has a bright spot, several locals unite to rescue Kate, and Stefan hopes that Gabi will say the one word …. Which is exactly what happened as the April 24th episode of Days of Our Lives concluded. He takes the papers, but pauses as he puts a pen to them. We have the latest Days of Our Lives spoilers two weeks ahead from Monday, July 12, to Friday, July 23. Days of Our Lives Recap: Thomas Recognizes Leo, and EJ Toys. Days of Our Lives Recap: Stefan’s Deprogramming Worked. The list of complications keeping them apart has been impressive, even by soap standards. She was surrounded by love as she should be… She gave so much to everyone who knew her. Days of Our Lives SPOILERS (New!), Day Ahead spoilers, Latest …. She watched everything she could and read every soap magazine she found until one day she saw a recap of Hope’s 18th birthday party on Days of Our Lives. The star posted a photo of his lady love on Instagram, holding her left hand, which was adorned with a gorgeous diamond engagement ring. Move over mopey, unemployed GenXer Eric Brady — Days of Our Lives ‘ Sloan has leveled up! Sort of. John helps Marlena mark a very special occasion, while the truth about Talia and Colin slowly bubbles to the surface. It looks like Xander may soon have more on his plate to worry about than the ghost of Susan Banks! According to spoilers for next week, on May 30, Linsey Godfrey is bringing Sarah back and Kyle Lowder’s Rex along with her!Well, they’re technically still in Chicago, but when Bonnie goes to visit Rex, she’ll find a very pregnant Sarah with him. Sloan takes on a new client, while the situation between Eric and Nicole leads to an explosive confrontation. “You took away the love of my life. This was a week of goodbyes on Days of Our Lives, but it’s just the beginning. Elsewhere, Chloe is much-discussed, and someone discovers that Sarah is extremely pregnant. From home, Sonny leaves Chad a message about working for Titan. The term “double date” gets a new meaning when Alex hits the town with both Chanel and Allie. Photo : CBS/Courtesy of the Everett Collection. And by “a little,” we mean “a lot. No part of this copyrighted website may be reproduced in any form. Tuesday, May 16, 2023: Today on Days of Our Lives, Dimitri wants immunity for himself and another, Megan fills Kristen in on another family connection, John gets a startling phone call, and Xander's guilt gets to him. December 20 - 24 Lori Wilson Friday, December 24th, 2021 Credit: Jill Johnson/JPi Days of Our Lives is seemingly starting to wrap up the MarDevil storyline, but there are zero stakes or. However, Gwen walks up, wondering why she’s attacking “a stranger. and the living is often outdoors.