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Etsy Sellers RedditAs a seller, keep records of your shipping labels and tracking numbers (PirateShip and Etsy Shipping make this super simple). Shop name is same as user name. Advertising on Reddit can be a great way to reach a large, engaged audience. Thousands of Etsy sellers are going on strike in April. What are some tools that you wished you had that would make your etsy business /store run smoother? I help my wife with here store and just wanted some community insight. I only have to sell 1 or 2 items on Etsy per month to be happy. Don't use a VA, particularly one who also works for other Etsy sellers. When I first started I tried to sell flower push pins. Etsy “support” for sellers is useless. Buying a used truck is a great way to get the vehicle you need without breaking the bank. I ended up selling a few through private messages on Reddit and shortly after that set up my Etsy shop. Cassidy told CBC News more than. You can't have your bank account but your friend's driver's license on the seller account. I've also filed several IP infringement reports and etsy always takes their designs down, but the sellers fraudulently counter notice (even though I know 1000% they know they're ripping my designs off. New tax regulations in Canada require marketplaces, like Etsy, to collect and remit the tax if applicable. Hate to tell you that selling stuff on Etsy as a way to make money means you’re a business. Vs selling on Etsy which is around 20 cents a listing (renews after every purchase) plus 5-8% of the cost of the item which really isn’t that much. So depending on how that turns out, it might be that all "AI art" created with these generators is not legal at all. It has never allowed shops to be sold or transferred. The problem with many trademark infringement sellers is they don't think Etsy will ever shut down their store. : ( International orders are a MESS. This document is official notice that your Etsy income has been reported to the IRS. Ironically Etsy gives new shops a higher search ranking "honeymoon" to encourage the seller. I enjoy selling on Etsy and it is my hobby. About a decade ago I asked myself "Do I want to sell 10 items for $40 each or 1 item for $400?" I chose the later and worked toward that goal by improving my skills, equipment, supplies, finish and marketing. the program should also always protect up to $250, and not knock you down to $0 protection if you squeak over the line. The UK charges £8 for any shipment valued at £15 (currently 19 USD) or more. If you view it as a free website/shopping cart, then yes. Try to launch your shop with a few different items, I see many sellers launch their shop with just 1 or 2 items and they struggle. A blanket ban would be overkill. Also sucks when you’re a top selling shop but because you don’t want to give free shipping or ship internationally, you’re now getting half the sales. However, this seems to be the exception and some Etsy sellers on Reddit are saying their profit margins are closer to the 40% range. Yes it is just the first name but yes please check store settings and shipping settings. If I were you, I'd use your remaining stock to make mini xmas trees, decorated w/ the beads you're using for your current items - try and net $20 on each sale (i. Etsy can ban your seller account and shop for any reason, at any time. All in all they are both very good platforms, just slightly different results for certain types of items. 5K I always provide tracking and as most I’ve been put on this reserve all of my orders show as in transit on my Etsy app but after speaking to support they say they cannot see this 😡 I’ve even had customers message me saying how can I leave a review as my …. Don't get scared and make a refund. You can message again and request that they expedite shipping to you because they haven't shipped it on time. My Etsy listings have been copied and sellers on EBay and Amazon are using my photos and descriptions of my unique items to scam buyers. The online group Not on Amazon has also become a place where Etsy sellers are airing. I've noticed that if you're in a competitive niche (like jewelry, print on demand or digital items), it probably won't be worth it. I don't use the Etsy API, though or require accounts or anything like that. This happens often, for example, when one member of a household breaks Etsy's TOU, and other members of the same household have shops, they are all shut down. Ad sale revenue went up 20% since last year. I always read the bio of every shop I intend to purchase from. Etsy is scamming sellers by selling fake tracking then blaming. "Etsy legal" means complying with Etsy rules. they look at reviews, and the old ‘5 star” ratings and that’s it. Need advice on how to start a new Etsy shop after permanently suspended. So it’s multiple digital products but in the same category so it makes sense to buyers, the Etsy algorithm and SEO. Reddit r/Place 2022 Canvas Final Image, Reddit Canvas Print, Gift Reddit Wall Decor, Modern Wall Art, ROLLED Canvas or READY to HANG Canvas (60) Sale Price $ Good news! Many sellers on Etsy offer personalized, made-to-order items. The more money one has to start, the faster the profits roll in. Towards the end of Dec, I noticed that the money transfers stopped. So just as the title says, Etsy does not have real seller support or cares about their sellers. I think this may be another nail in Etsy coffin ( I. I don't know if it's because Etsy sellers are now required to have Amazon level functionality, or maybe because people are getting ruder in general. Not sure when this change happened, but Etsy is now making the buyers send the seller a message before opening a case - saying that "90% of requests are resolved by working with the seller. Existing sellers had to send a scan of either their driver's license or their passport when we were moved to Etsy Payments. 2 billion in 2021, compared with $5 billion in 2019. Etsy has sent out this email to a seller warning them they "noticed many of your recent orders were marked as shipped more than 3 days before they were accepted by the shipping service" & said they could be permanently disqualified from Star Seller if they keep it up. Etsy's Let Buyers Make Offers on Your Vintage Listings: Try. Instead, I decided to close down shop. After 11 years buying on Etsy I think I'm out. Toward the end of 2008 I tossed some bad parking notes in the shop to see what would happen and they sold faster than anything else. As part of the verification process, Plaid is asking users …. Help me choose an Etsy Shop Name! : r/EtsySellers. What are your thoughts on Etsy Alternatives : r/EtsySellers. This seller straight up copies my product images and description and lists the item for 90% cheaper with no returns accepted and free shipping. the star seller program is redundant, when you have two of the star seller metrics rolled in with a third that every non USA etsy shop can’t obtain, and the slightest slip causes you to lose this “badge. There have been days in winter of 2020 and 2021 where I would sell 10+ orders per day (my items are in the $50-$150 range) and this year I’m lucky to make one sale per day Struggling with a lot of financial anxiety and worrying that I won’t be able to sustain this business that I’ve poured all of my time and money into :/. I know how long it can take sometimes, and give myself a week to produce my items. The high-volume sellers bringing in the biggest bucks for Etsy are not phased in the least by the increase in fees. Etsy Sellers Posting Items from SheIn. New orders get pushed to them, they print, pack, and ship. Someone I helped by creating listing on his Etsy shop was suspended and Etsy associated my account to his through IP address so basically I got f*cked over someone’s else actions, and Etsy won’t let explain or proof that I have nothing to do with that shop. I just got the same message, and after like 8 min a got a. Etsy laborers should get together and unionize to get some rights that are obligated. One of the factors that influenced me to sell digital artwork was to let the consumer decide whether to keep it digital or to get it printed/framed. Its ok to repeat words especially if it keeps certain frequently searched phrases together in. 5 out of 5 stars "Easy to read ebook with lots of great sugestions for developing your own download business. At one point our percentage was around 60. Etsy’s top priority is for Etsy …. Fashion The Etsy Strike May Be Over, but Its Sellers Vow to Keep Fighting MONEY FOR NOTHING When Etsy raised its transaction fees by 30 percent, its sellers …. While many sellers utilize both sites, and drive traffic from their Etsy shop to their Shopify store, they are completely different types of selling platforms. While I know the old app wasn’t prefect, it did what i needed it to do. The new app is a big step backwards. 50: My cost per: Sticker: $1 Stability card (also serves as a thank you): $0. This money is yours and will be available for deposit after the. Although we did see sales after a few days, we’ve heard of people where the etsy ads algorithm didn’t bring in sales until day 15 of 30. I think every shop should take a few minutes to fill it out, even if it's short and simple, it's always better than nothing. I bought something from Etsy for $49 (originally listed as $70) and it turns out the item is originally on SheIn for $12. Make it easy to optimize your Etsy rank. The most common Etsy scam by far involves sellers listing fake, counterfeit, or misrepresented products in their stores. That’s to say, there’s a subreddit for virtually every topic — or you. most sellers i see that make that much have been on etsy for 5-7 years at the very least. While it may not be a traditional ecommerce platform like Etsy. And god forbid you mention dropshipping on any of the Etsy run social media groups, or you’ll be kicked out…. I've been looking at buying some prints for my home and came across a lot of 'digital prints' where you buy the files and print yourself. Here are some basic tips for new shops: Make sure that you fill out ALL sections of your shop. This is a pretty controversial topic, so I'm curious to find out what you think. Etsy sales used to take up 60+ hours a week of my time so I didn’t have time to look at or sell on other platforms. When setting up a new Etsy Seller account on the Payment Setup page. Reply No legitimate Etsy seller feels bad for you. I'd guess a majority of etsy sellers would be pretty upset to learn what their actual profit margin is. Hi guys, I often see Etsy sellers offering really cheap shipping, like $6 with expedited parcels via Canada Post. Buying a used car from a private seller can be a great way to save money and get a reliable vehicle. For those ad sales, I was pretty much paying Etsy to work and take a loss at the same time. No other selling fees, but you need to …. For example, a $20 (£16) household item with $15 shipping will cost £13. For shipping you should add the difference of the second item to it, so it will still charge the regular postage amount and then if someone bought 2 it would …. Until the day it suddenly wasn't. Not everyone wanting to start a business can be in an abundance of money. LATE 2023 UPDATE: The latest version of this scam is a message saying something like "congratulations your item was purchased" and they give you a fake order number and buyer name then ask for your email to "complete the purchase. Same overall price to customer but you are recouping the costs by breaking it up between the itemized costs to the buyer. by Marky122 100+ Sales / 6 Months - What I've learnt on Etsy. When you are late shipping getting placed on reserve is a given. But when it comes to purchasing a used truck, there are many options available. One in this subreddit said she often ships etsy items from Amazon because she wants to deplete her stock there. This seller is not operating a kiln in her garage in California, she is purchasing from Chinese wholesalers and re-selling on Etsy as handmade. As of July 1 2021 Florida has joined the list of Etsy auto collecting and remitting sales taxes. Selling Photography on Etsy? : r/EtsySellers. Shops have been shut down for this, and shop owners have been sued for this too. When the order is done, packaged, and shipping laid and printed, it gets marked in Etsy. And lately, Etsy ads just haven't been as effective. It doesn’t help you to copy other sellers if the term isn’t successful. ****If you have been redirected to this post, it is most likely because you are asking about the email scam that is currently going around Etsy. If you're doing print on demand, the provider you use will have mockups to use. or try this link or this link to email them. Etsy will send you an email saying “your funds are on their way” or something when they’re making a deposit into your account. I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but my pinterest feed is overrun by etsy listings being posted or promoted by Buzzfeed. 5% transaction fee on the amount you charge for an item. Think about shipping and just the general startup expenses you’ll have. If you think that scandalous, mean-spirited or downright bizarre final wills are only things you see in crazy movies, then think again. But in my experience, maybe don’t lead with that. So some of that number you quoted - would be legal. I had to cancel and refund because it would have cost me 14. Etsy discount codes? : r/EtsySellers. This includes Policies, the 'About' section, Shipping Information, Shop Announcement, Shop Title, and having a Shop Icon and an 'About the Maker' photo. Low Traffic After Becoming A Star Seller : r/EtsySellers. I’ve been selling on Etsy for 13 years this month and I’ve never seen this one. My instagram for my shop is @honey_dewmelon and some of my fav etsy shops to follow on ig are @passive. I am a graphic designer (who is currently looking for a full-time, remote job). So the answer to "is everyone really slow right now?" is always going …. But I haven’t had trouble in the sales department (I have a very weird niche market) & I don’t do a single Etsy Ad. 65 profit put back into the business. Overall, since you pay for multiple months on etsy, listing fees will be more on eBay. Buyer says they need my email, Is this a scam? First time. There are legitimate sellers from China, including many who sell their own handmade items. We didn’t even make enough money for a lawyer and this. It has to do with how you use your customers’ information. I made 100,000 sales today : r/EtsySellers. All my profit (over >5000USD) held by Etsy and they release my money whenever customer request to get refund (even I shipped the items -> customer …. imo, star seller isn’t what customers are looking at. Ineligible Disputes and Transactions 4. Back when I was into cosplaying LOTR costumes, I would go to Etsy to look at the amazing dresses that individuals were making. After negative publicity, Etsy apologized to the seller, but the audacity of the situation has still driven their clothing listings off of Etsy. Astronuat Space Moon Sloth Funny Earrings Drop Dangling Humour Cute Funny Gift Inc Gift Bag Reddit 4Chan Internet Meme. No, legally you aren't allowed to sell fan art. I'll update the main text with links/tools shared in the comments as we go. This shop owner didn't respond in the best way, but I can understand the feelings. Hell, even the quintessential Etsy success story, 3 Bird Nest was eventually kicked off because they were selling mass produced junk from Alibaba. Right now, I give each customer a copy of my designs in pdf print, png, and jpg so depending on the printing service they use. You would then be expected to report this income on your federal income taxes. Etsy now requires buyers to message the seller before opening a case. “How You’ll get paid” it just doesn’t work. Your can get a licensing agreement with the owner of an IP. The Ad money Etsy makes from sellers is propping up the entire business. Here's my advice and suggestion. Etsy is a platform and individual sellers are who you’re buying from. Hey, seller! This Free Tags plugin has ranked #1 in the Google Web Store under "Etsy tag" search in just two months, which I think will greatly improve our daily productivity. As we all know selling on Etsy can quickly turn into a fulltime job, when it's suppost to be a part-time thing ;-). I make my stuff to order and sizes may vary so I didn't want to let Etsy calculate the wrong prices, so I use a fixed shipping price. I just used the code for retail or wholesale depending on what you sell. Etsy dominates the handmade and craft goods market online, and many sellers have been on the platform for a decade or more. Here are some tips on how to sell your car on C. item #5 from this etsy seller’s handbook article spells it out very clearly: ”Counterfeit or unauthorized items are prohibited on Etsy. Registered buyer and Etsy seller? I just received two strange emails from “Etsy community” on was telling me that I have reached the rank of “Etsy Seller” and the other said I’ve reached the rank of “Registered Buyer”. Cheaper in the long run, but harder to get. 25 * 100) on ads and only get 1-3 sales on average. The values of glassware fluctuate depending on economic trends and demand for specific patterns and individual pieces. Last night I was going to purchase a camera bag which was priced at $60. Once you’ve loaded photos to a new listing, you can’t change the thumbnail or the photo sequence. Etsy's got quite a few fees posted and I want to make sure I'm figuring them all out. The combined selling and CC % fees amount to 8%. Alternatives to Reddit, Stumbleupon and Digg include sites like Slashdot, Delicious, Tumblr and 4chan, which provide access to user-generated content. Tips for Locating Reputable Sellers of Calves Near Your Area. I messaged the seller and let them know that they needed to change the design or I would take further steps. Here is a screenshot of all three versions with the main differences …. Etsy just announced that it is raising its transaction fee from 5% to 6. I sell on 3 other platforms and this is the only one that gives my associated email to customers. A simple bio showing a bit about you and your. Made me realize I have some useful documents in the past that may. Situation is as follows: I opened my account 90 days ago (was fully verified, already received 2 monthly payments from Etsy). You may deliver the tangible good through Etsy Messages or email. Only offer a small range to keep production costs down (at first) Calculate your profits and costs EXACTLY so you know where your break even point is. We consider counterfeit or unauthorized goods to be items that imitate an authentic good, particularly by using a brand’s name, logo, or protected design without the brand owner’s consent. Other sellers I've spoken to have been told similar things. So I have my account open for a month, I’ve got four listings and admittedly I haven’t really done a lot with it and have updating it slowly. Etsy welcomes a wide variety of divination and spell-related items, as long as they meet our Seller Policy. Next time read the rules of a marketplace and realize that yes, they apply to you also. I like owning the rights to my work, first off. You can learn more from reading the Etsy Seller's Handbook, which is free. I have sold, but might not sell now, pyrex, fire king, dolls, vintage linens, silver jewelry, bowls, Bauer pottery, kitchen utensils like rolling pins, aprons, salt and pepper shakers, baskets and a whole lot of other stuff. LOTS of Etsy sellers do this by for example selling stranger things shirts but that’s illegal per copyright law. Need some etsy shops to purchase from. For items that cost $20, this comes out to pretty much 10%. I woke up to a notification from Etsy saying that the order was cancelled by Etsy (not the customer) due to a possible credit card theft. Unfortunately it’s not the reality with everyone. I had some copyright infringements. Early this year I removed all products and variations that were $225 or higher (tax is included in the $250 seller protection limit because Etsy logic) and I imagine a bunch of sellers. Do a search for that exact item, is it in multiple shops? If it's in multiple shops, it's more than likely to be a reseller. They explain very simply how it works: the reserve is a set percentage of revenue. Seller said Amazon and the other sites stole her photos (even though the shop has been open for only a few months with 60 sales and the Amazon and other sites have 100s of reviews dating back years). If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know! Thank you for supporting small business!" And then if they write back saying they are happy, I send this: "Oh, that is so nice to hear!. Any advice for a new sticker business? : r/EtsySellers. Out of every $1 in sales, about $0. That way the responsibility for braking the law is on the seller. It usually takes at least a month of listing new items before your traffic and sales start to pick up again. Finally, I think its a good idea to have a cohesive shop when selling vintage. For me personally Etsy so far hasn't been worth it. Charge enough so you make a profit even if you only sell x number of a batch. However, navigating this vast marketplace ca. Rent-to-own homes are a great option for buyers who may not have the money to put down a large down payment on a home. I have used Erank from the start and, yeah, they're a SAAS model like marmalead. Having said that, I believe new sellers are subject to holds placed on their funds so you might want to. someone hacked my shopping search google, Paypal, USPS, Shopify extensive operation! sold me a tent they added tracking that said delivered on SUNDAY!!. Ideally, we would see a true competitor arise, and there are a few out there, but they don't have the mindshare of the public. Can anyone tell me the benefits of using Etsy over Big cartel. Don't let other Etsy sellers use your computer network (and don't use theirs). What is strange is that after becoming a Star Seller, my traffic has dropped tremendously and I have not received a sale. I recently bought two urn pendants with a very specific design from an Etsy shop for around $25 each, and later found the same exact pendants at Ali Express for around $2. Etsy is the most effective way to get new customers. Etsy takes a ton of data continuously from sellers logged in: ID, financial and tech ranging from a soft credit check and EXIF through to using cell phone towers to estimate the seller's location. Selling your car on Craigslist can be a great way to get the most bang for your buck. Ads usually generate an additional $2-3k in sales per month for $5/day for me. To contact Amazon from Seller Central, users must log into the Seller Central site, according to Amazon. 5% - 15% Where: Nationwide (remote) Requirements: Be age 18 or age 13, with parental permission. Now it's sellers review buyers and that's it. How Can I Find Out How Much Tiara Glassware Is Worth?. From embroidery to graphics to symbols. Sales are attributed to the ad if a user has clicked on your promoted post and purchased a product in the next 30 days. There's already at least one lawsuit in the works over this. I have had a shop for about 3 years and never received anything like this. If a customer buys 4 items from your shop you pay $. For example, if you sell to the UK or in the EU, you need to give buyers at least 28 days on returns. (mugs T-shirt keyrings cards and prints etc) The listings are often marked as handmade. here is a link to request a callback. I guess one way would be to have a blanket rule about no reselling but that would invalidate some sellers who resell items that are modified. The final violation was an email Etsy sent saying ‘if I get one more infringement they will ban me’. I bought once and the stone was a fake it look light blue laminated that was peeling off pretty disappointed need help finding trusted sellers that don’t over sell! Reddit. Tracking protects the seller, not the buyer, so you absolutely should make sure your shipping cost covers tracking (or an Etsy purchased label). The following incidents will detail my worst experiences with Etsy this year regarding theft, copyright infringement, harrasment and threats. Just hit 100 sales selling stickers! ( and how I did it~) : r/Etsy. If you expect customers to just fall in your lap, find you through search, or Etsy to even care if you make a sale, then no, it's not worth it. I know February and April were pretty poo cheese but March and May and so far June are pretty okay. I find that lots of my packages (going out and coming in) are all over the place, ESPECIALLY if they are passing through New York. This is one example of many shops that all seem to have popped up in the last 2-3 years on Etsy making it now a big problem. I worried that it would impact my quality score with all the clicks and no sales. What do you sell on Etsy that makes you money, year round? : r. For 2020, I made 75% of my profit in Q4 but I. I contacted the seller to refund my money, but refused until etsy investigates it. Finding the "best" marketplace is a fool's errand. With so many options and potential pitfalls, it’s important to know what to look for when shopping for convertibles from priv. To avoid both, you'll probably have to just accept direct checkout (payment shows as to Etsy instead of to seller on statements) and get a P. Those who you sell to in person you don’t charge shipping, so they are getting a deal. After reviewing Etsy's policies, it qualifies under the Etsy purchase protection program (under $250, shipped with tracking, etc). Related Topics Etsy Public company Consumer discretionary sector S&P 500 Business Finance Business, E-rank was developed by a gentleman whose wife is an Etsy seller and Starla Moore who is a tremendous seller on Etsy also is an E-Rank spokesperson. The pins all seem to be titled "your place to buy and sell all things handmade. Here's one other thing to keep in mind. The letter touted Etsy's massive growth over the past two years, boasting how active sellers last year increased their sales by "23% on average compared to 2019, and in 2021 alone, we showed. Then you run your own e-commerce store, but with a large number of makers all promoting one shop. We wanted to let you know that there is a delay with your deposit that was scheduled for today. Here's a fun stat I found: fraud costs the average merchant 1. Etsy is horribly unfair! I had a new shop doing great, great sales and over a hundred five star reviews and they shut my shop down for selling amber colored jewelry with only an automated email. they quickly realized many sellers couldn’t or wouldn’t use it so quietly did away with the advantage in search. You would also have to put in all the time marketing that Etsy doesnt need. They are brining you before a huge audience of shoppers. AM Sullivan Law cases against Etsy Sellers. Only one of you will have their SSN, DOB, bank account, credit card, photo ID, registered address because all those credentials must name match. A simple message is always preferred, and that's all this does, sends you a message. 5%, in the later it would be 10. With so many different sellers, you can find anything from jewelry to home decor and more. Your rings might be handmade from an etsy/Amazon seller. Likewise, you get a boost when an item sells. If you had any orders like this with multiple “ship dates”, let me know if your CSVs and scores updated. Printify sticker shipping price I'm using Printify to sell fantasy book stickers on Etsy, but the $4. Plus you still got the other percentage based fees, shipping, cost to create, cost to print, etc. This is trademark infringement. It’s just another scam, but “new age” so it’s wearing a different mask. Some people are just that stupid. For sellers, rent-to-own homes can be an attractive option that allows them to receive regular payments and eventually se. This is why so many infringements are present, etsy protects themselves. Best places to sell online? : r/EtsySellers. My friend and I are illustrators, and we started an Etsy in May! We had some sales before at local shows and had requests to sell online. All that being said, we got our rings from Etsy and are thrilled. I tried logging out and back in on Etsy. Etsy shows the total amount of reserve required and how much each seller currently has reserved. I believe the decision was made by a computer. I do not ship to Canada and it is not in my shipping profile. I am somewhat annoyed by the constant prompt to try Etsy’s new explore feature on the new seller app, though. Etsy Seller won’t be missed but thankful for the time it existed. Etsy raising transaction fees to 6. 4% Others like Society 6, Teepublic. The average margin in e-commerce is apparently 40%, if thats helpful for you to know. If I sold a t-shirt on Etsy (via a Printify supplier) to someone paying with Visa, the formula should look like so: [ (Printify supplier price) + (shipping)] + [ ($0. 35 per blank for 3,000 dozen, and then take out a 6 month Kabbage loan for $50,000, make the bulk purchase, end up paying back $56,000 (fees, interest) over that same 6 …. For example for me, let's say I make an average of $50/product I sell (this is a fake number). You must sign in to your Etsy account to contact Etsy Support. And then a thank you reply from the listing owner was customary. Here is the reason of I think why this happened-I sell handmade fabric covered purses and one of my item apparently is very similar to LV, the luxury brand. I created my very first Etsy account 6 days ago, I was in the process opening the shop (filling the page for the first listing) when I noticed I couldn't confirm it and go to the next page. Your transaction is pending precisely because they were suspended. With the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time to get involved in the exciting world of e-commerce. Even using “inspired” doesn’t make it legal to sell someone’s character. Check out our adult selling reddit selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our guides & how tos shops. Probably around 100 per day while my forum post was active. The cost of shipping is not a fee. Hi guys! I have been an Etsy seller for 4 years, I love it! I’ve had a modestly successful shop but have recently closed it and have started a new shop in hopes to sell printable digital files. Great images can help your listings stand out on busy search pages; poor-quality shots will make potential customers think twice. Too bad, it's not like the Internet needed another place to buy cheap Chinese mass produced goods. I guess I’ll find out in 30 days if I get $270 in sales. Selling cosmetics : r/EtsySellers. Drop shipping is allowed on Etsy IF you design the product. We tried selling little Lego mini-fig shaped concrete magnets, using official Lego candy/ice molds. 9% on total not including shipping if you use their labels. I anticipate we are going to receive a lot of posts about the protection program and cases opened against shops this holiday season. "Handmade" product from New York came in bag clearly labeled "Made in China". There was a post on here last year, if you Google you can find it but Gerber said in an email to the op of that post that you can not use the term onesie UNLESS. Etsy is full of people reselling merchandise that you can find for less than a dollar on Ali express. Since 2020, I've made almost $50,000 selling my prints. All infringements were retracted sept 14. Search engine changes breaking us. I get enough business there to cover the $9. My account has been suspended for no reason, yet they have refused to respond to my emails about this problem or offer any help or explanation as to why Etsy system was hacked in the first place. When Etsy deposits my funds, I think it takes a day or two at least for them to appear in my bank account. Legalities of selling skincare products on Etsy? (USA). i made 53k in revenue (not profit) last year so i think its possible but very rare and many elements have to go right for you to be successful enough to get 205k from etsy. The New York Times Best Sellers list is one of the most influential and widely followed lists in the publishing industry. Even sellers that use public WiFi are subject to this. The software lets the brand Select All and send a report to Etsy (or ebay or amazon) in just a few minutes. Really Etsy? I was doing a keyword search on Etsy and somehow a psychic's services appeared on Etsy. Product & Shop analysis tools for all Etsy sellers. I think after a year, you identify what’s important to your niche. If it costs you $10, you sell it for $30. They both integrate with Etsy so you literally have to do nothing when the orders come in. r/Etsy on Reddit: A competitor asked to buy all of my products 3D …. Your own web site is like hand building your own tiny home from scratch. I have a shop since 2020 and had not a lot of success with getting sales through social media (instagram), most sales come from the platform. I have my Etsy store all set up integrated with Printful for print on demand for me to make passive income, but for some reason it seems like I am losing money, not making profit. There was no way for me to explain that I had shipped the item in the email, so I sent a message. 2 million Etsy sellers, you're one of 0. It is to protect their privacy. Every quarter, they have more revenue, more sales, more active sellers, more active buyers than the last. Message response rate: How many message in percentage terms you responded with 24 hours. There’s also an advertising fee for sales that come from Offsite Ads. My stress levels were through the roof - Etsy was 20% of my sales, but 80% of my stress. Checked her on karencheck to see that mine was the highest review she left. The advantage of this is it's easy. If you ship your items from your home, they will have your home address. Do Not Use Your Personal Bank Account For E-Commerce Platforms Like Etsy!! It's good to point out the obvious to fellow Etsy sellers, as many are far from being acquainted with the basics of business--something that Etsy preys upon. Basically, Etsy's seller protection gives it tons of loopholes to deny sellers coverage. You don’t have a legal right to participate in a private forum, even as an Etsy seller. As long as buyer pays shipping both ways and it isn't a custom item, I don't really see the harm in …. You are absolutely right but the original poster is anti-drop shipping and saying that drop shipping is not allowed on Etsy in general. Note 2: You can copy and paste the topic agenda down. A regular inkjet printer should work fine. However, the reason I like selling on Etsy is because I find the entire process of selling (SEO, social media, sourcing materials) a fun game. Open a case ASAP and get a refund from Etsy, this seems sketchy af. "She ordered an expensive collar and …. What are the biggest problems sellers usually face on Etsy. How are sellers allowed to sell these? Are they not infringing. In order to contact Amazon through this method a seller account and registration are required. 109K subscribers in the EtsySellers community. If you want to check and see if you've got. Also, many Etsy jewelry sellers start their holiday sales in the next 2 weeks, if you want to take advantage of lower prices. It's the one time you don't want to be at the top of page 1 results. Apparently Etsy allows people to sell Magic spells they. There is a guy on Etsy selling STLs from A LOT of modelers out. When we got the e-mail that the trademark infringement occurred, we were pretty shocked because while our item was popular we didn’t feel as if it had become popular enough to cause harm to Taylor Swift’s empire. As is the standard in many niches, etsy admitted that 20% of etsy sellers make 80% of their revenue. Here are some tips for finding the best used RV deals from private sellers. Much easier than being a global marketplace for millions of sellers. I’ve heard many other Sellers complain that sales have been down after that😭 I went 5 days without a deposit, so I was really stressing for a minute. What I found with many successful Shopify stores is they have a great online presence and a high following on social media, you don’t need this as much on Etsy. Yeah the % is lower, but 3% of 1000 is better than 10% of …. But if you want to save money on your purchases, it’s important to know how. So there are few, but legitimate sellers with made in China items. Credit card is usually synonymous with Debit Card in these contexts. I had an etsy website agency help me make a website and since then, my keywords have been ranked on the first page so my store traffic has almost doubled since making a website. I find the prices pretty comparable (ex. I got an email from Etsy congratulating me for being a star seller for 6 months in a row. Brand new Etsy seller for baby clothing looking for advice. Help me choose an Etsy Shop Name! Hi everyone! I am very new to Reddit posting so please bare with me if I do anything wrong :) I’m seriously considering starting my own Etsy shop over the summer when my exams are over, but I’m really struggling on a name. This was a temporary incentive to AmzHm sellers that got extended every year, and finally made permanent. Also showing a target charge of 100% instead of the 90% defined in the location settings. But I think "labourers" is confusing me here and you likely mean employees. But the highest seller yesterday was AmishWays with 1573 sales and that beat out second place by almost 400 sales. Hope this made sense and helped some, lol. Etsy has been my sole income awhile but sales the last few months are the slowest I’ve ever had. To preface, I started an Etsy shop as a hobby. You cannot search sold items like you can on eBay (or almost any other platform), but you can go to a sellers page and click their number of sales and if they don't have it hidden it'll show you what items sold, I can't remember if you can see the price. So I added a Camera strap at $15. You can batch view the Tags used by competitors, and Tags performance: views, competition, and even google search trends …. From shops selling fake and misleading products to shipping scams and hacked accounts, here are seven of the latest Etsy scams. Email marketing is an effective way to build up a loyal customer. It's up to the brand to verify that the listings are violations, but the pictures in the report make it easy for them. Basically, Etsy is on your side if there's a problem. Has anyone been having extreme slow activity on Etsy and no. I asked the seller what was wrong, the seller was also confused and told me that Etsy cancelled the order on. Etsy has updated the termination section to Star Seller Terms. Do you mean sellers or the actual Etsy employees? Because certainly we all know that sellers are not employees of Etsy. As sales go up, the reserve will also go up. For those who have your own website, is it worth selling on Etsy? I may take down my store, but wanted some advice from others! Vote. Basically with 3D prints, you have to model a 3D. And from what I've seen on reddit, this is final, and they won't listen to any appeals. Etsy is scamming sellers by selling fake tracking then blaming us when the tracking doesn't update. Here is a checklist of common reasons for suspension to identify what happened. One of the most important tools available to sellers on Amazon is their My Account page. The first 1-2 months are slower obviously, but things pick up after that in your niche. Ethical professional sellers would reimburse the customer in other way like PayPal etc. About a week or so later the message changed to “your star seller badge was permanently removed because you received a final policy violation warning. As your business grows, manually handling each order can become time-consuming and overwhelming. It's always best to do whatever you can to resolve issues directly with the seller first, and if you can't get a satisfactory solution then open a case and Etsy corporate gets involved. Are you an Etsy seller looking to streamline your order management process? With the growing popularity of online marketplaces like Etsy, it’s crucial for sellers to have efficient tools in place to handle their orders. I got an e-mail today from Etsy asking me to verify my bank but. Immediately report them of being fake sellers and make everyone aware …. Etsy listings would likely end up in a report generated by Brandshield or MarkMonitor. I’ve found it helps having backlinks like a website or instagram page integrated into your etsy store. to see a range of prices for the item and to get a good idea of what people are willing to pay. Rank Seller Category Location 30 Day Sales; 1 CaitlynMinimalist: Jewelry: United States: 48,608: 2 SilverRainSilver: Jewelry: United Kingdom: 31,124: 3 DesignArtATX: Art. However if you expand your store or sell in-person/online (ie, Shopify or WooCommerce) you will need a sellers permit. 😭 Related Topics Etsy Public company Consumer discretionary sector S&P 500 Business Finance Business, Economics, and Finance. I know this is an older thread, but Payhip is the popular option for self-publishing authors selling their ebooks directly, and have been told to use Payhip for years by industry leader Joanna Penn. 5 percent of the amount over $1,000. etsy seller app, is it better? : r/EtsySellers. Etsy isn't my only sales venue and as a two-person operation I don't have time to fix those problems right now as I have over 400 listings on ETSY and I like spending some of my time on developing new products, or working on getting product to my other sales venues thank you very much. i just had the same thing happen to me, luckily i gave them an email i use for everything like signing up to sites and found "order approval" emails in my spam, deffo scam. You asked people where they would prefer you make such a purchase, and of course they are going to tell you to use the place where they pay lower fees. A small seller like all business takes time and money. While fairy tales of wildly successful Etsy sellers abound and overall sellers report an average household income of $56,000 annually, up to 65 percent of those sellers earn less than $100 per year from their Etsy shops. A competitor asked to buy all of my products 3D files today, and its going to happen again. I was interesting in buying stuff from them and made an attempt to buy boxes from them but they had "Uline" pasted all over it and charged a crap ton of shipping. The seller will be notified about the edit but the general public will not be. For many sellers, there’s also a sense of loyalty that remains from. On a Reddit thread for Etsy sellers, users began discussing the email, sharing outrage over the increased expenses and expressing cynicism over the …. Pixelcut is a smartphone app designed specifically for taking great product photos. Amazon takes out a much larger cut than Etsy, so my profit per unit is lower, but overall the increase in sales more than makes up for that. I saw a seller the other day who was selling handmade from China and the Etsy shop name was something like “HandmadeUSA(state)” or something like that. On April 11-18, 2022, nearly 30,000 Etsy sellers put their shops on hold to protest 4 years of profit-seeking anti-creator platform changes. Opened case for an Etsy seller selling Amazon items. Members Online Etsy order under $10 requires a tracking number?. I also need a birthday gift for my dad ASAP!. These sites all offer their users a way to publicly share photos, information and links. You could try and see if it works for you. Terms & Policies Is anyone else unable to access the new Etsy seller app? I’ve been using explore since early December, but now the …. But you get better quality, waterproof stickers. With a few simple steps, you can make the process of selling your car as easy and stress-free as possible. It's necessary to be able to adapt and change to make sure we know the latest tests, rule changes, or technical bugs. Customer Service Phone: 800-328-5933. We will also be providing some tips on how to target the right audience and get your affiliate links out there. If I wanted to sell on Amazon 2. What Social Media Is Best For Etsy Sellers? – Artisan Shopper. It did not tell me which, and it did. I purchased an item from a seller in late January. Hi there--I'm an etsy vet (I had a shop in 2017-2019 selling only size L and up (UK size 16 and up) vintage clothing, and I own a "gift boutique" style store right now. Probably not worth doing unless you are shipping letters at a decent volume. Don't infringe on trademarks or copyrights. That said, I had a sale today and Etsy took out $3 for the sale because it came from. For example someone added emojis to their review after they posted the original emoji-less review, I was notified that I received feedback but it doesn’t tell you what changed, I only noticed because the emojis stood out. Account Suspension - Help & Checklist. I stopped investing too much time into creating new content. Etsy seller only one piece. Sellers are the backbone of their platform yet they take away support for us, thus letting shitty customers get away with unwarranted 1-2 star reviews because they can’t fucking read and obvious mass produced garbage from drop sellers then increase transaction fees. Do you think I will need liability insurance of sorts? 4a. The same goes for precious stones as well.